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I sent 2 IPods to Digiexpress for repair. Digiexpress said they fixed my 20 gig IPod and returned it to me.

However, the very first time I tried it, the IPod was still not working! I put a full charge on the battery, but it still would not even boot up! When I called Digiexpress to see if I could send it back so they could fix it, they informed me that 30 days had passed and that I was no longer eligable to have fixed under the warrently and that I would have to pay again! For the 80 gig IPod I sent to them for repair, I did not receive back from Digiexpress until approximately 2 months had passed!

At least the 80 gig IPod worked when I tried it. I caution anybody that is considering sending thier IPod to Digiexpress for repair to reconsider and send it to a different IPod repair shop.

Digiexpress is a rip off and could care less about pleasing customers. They are only about making a quick dollar.

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I wasn't sure about this whole idea of sending my ipad to them to fix the screen but now I know my suspensions were probably right. Thank you and I'll try to find some other way to fix it.

Houston, Texas, United States #693018

Thanks, I will avoid them


I sent my Ipod touch there a couple weeks ago. I got the e-mail saying that they received it and it was ready for repair..

it has now been 3 weeks, and I have still not gotten my Ipod touch back.. right now I'm just kinda hoping I get it back.

If I ever crack the screen again, it will never be to digiexpress. :x


I agree! Customer service totally rude and service is slow...but they sure were not slow telling me I owed an additional $50 when the part was only suppose to be $29!

I am just hoping my grandson will eventually get his touch back. :? :?

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