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Like so many others that fell under the illusion of the thought that we would be charged $25.00 for diagnosis and repair, only to be charged nearly $200 for a fix. I took the opportunity to look up the parts that were to be replaced and thought they over-charged for the parts they replaced in my iPods.

I sent 2 iPods to these people, only to have them sent back because one iPod's digitizer was coming apart at the bottom of the iPod and the apps were jumping around the screen (ghost touching), adhesive was showing on the outer part of the glass, superficial scratches on the cases. The 2nd iPod had to have a battery and the on/off button replaced. Once I got the iPod back I realized that the headphone jack doesn't work. Had to send that one back as well. Then they have the audacity to make us pay the postage bill to send the device back to them.

If you need your Apple product or anything that they claim to fix repaired, it's best to stay away from these people and find someone else.

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thats because they let techs that are training work on the ipod touches first and more then often the techs mess them up and they will try to blame the customer for the mess up. Your right they are a joke and they should not be allowed to continue business the owner is greedy and only cares about getting money no matter how it is done and if your ipod gets messed up in the process so be it

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